Solving Mittelstand succession and capacity

Haas Praezisionstechnik GmbH

Families who have held their businesses over generations have a lot invested in them. Far more than mere financial commitments, there are lifetimes of dedication and effort, generations of friendships, and the history of underpinning livelihoods that often draw in whole communities.

Haas was just such a company; a third generation family business, and like many in the Mittlestand it was very successful and very specialist.

Haas had carved out a niche as a manufacturer of ultra-high precision rotational metal parts for electric drives, medical and dental devices and robotics.

They were looking for a new owner who could solve the succession issue. They needed someone who could manage the business, maintaining the values and culture, with the sector knowledge and operational experience to add real value to the business.

As well as its leadership in ultra high precision components, the business was built on values of high customer service and loyalty to its people. With that heritage, the owners were reluctant to sell to private equity, as they believed that its typically short term approach and lack of cultural sensitivity made it a poor fit.

During that time, we were learning every step of production, meeting the key people, understanding the core values and quality of the workers, learning about the business and discussing our vision for the business.

Communicating a vision built on values

Solving Mittelstand succession and capacity

Working with the brothers we found a suitable long term CEO, and began investing in new machinery and equipment to improve capacity.

We also introduced a programme of productivity improvement, based on empowering the people in the business to be part of the solution— we met with them every week to understand the issues and map out solutions. Twelve months later productivity was up by 20%.


None of it would have been possible without the dedication and quality of the people at Haas.

Delivering Growth

Working in partnership with the CEO, we implemented a growth programme.

Highlights of the programme included opening a new facility, expanding the product offering in micro-parts and medical parts, applying for the medical devices ISO 13485, and introducing the company to new customers (including the robotics manufacturer KUKA AG). Finally, we have established plans to acquire one or two other companies to expand capacity and better serve our customers.

None of it would have been possible without the dedication and quality of the people at Haas. All of the developments we have been able to guide with Haas have had the full support of its people.

We are building on their skills, talent and commitment, to secure the future success of the business.