We leverage our sector expertise, deep operational experience and global network to help grow your business into a global market leader.

Our family business background and our sustainable growth culture give you the confidence that your business, your people and your legacy will be assured.

We take a long term view. Our belief in the primacy and the power of people in creating sustainable success is central to that.

All our investments are backed by a wealth of experience as business operators, entrepreneurs and family business owners. We draw on that experience, and on a vast network of contacts, to enrich your business with the knowledge, understanding, skills and foresight that can make all the difference to your success.

In the sectors we focus on, we provide specific support in important business areas:

  • Sales growth
  • Technology development
  • Expansion
  • Continuous improvement
  • Recruiting and retaining talent
  • Additional funding


Sales growth and building recurring revenue

There are always more customers and more sales opportunities, but the long term value of loyal customers matters most of all. We aim to build on your sales success through rigorous analysis of the marketing strategy, evaluating sales channels and analysing current and potential revenue streams.

We have a great deal of experience in building after sales businesses and driving recurring revenue.

Technology and platform development

There are two sides to technology development in business. There is the intellectual property that you develop and is built into your products and services, and there are also the technologies you deploy to improve the way you operate or deliver your services.

We will help you scale and commercialise existing technology and develop related technologies that can enable you to increase market share or enter new markets.

We will also help you identify and integrate technologies to improve business processes, streamline operations or increase efficiency.


Our team includes commercial, operational and technology leaders with a great depth of knowledge and experience to share.

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International expansion

We use our international networks to assist in:

  • Organic expansion
  • Cross-border M&A
  • Expansion
  • Developing new distribution channels
  • Exploring joint ventures with complementary market participants

Growth beyond borders is attractive but not without complications. As experienced leaders growing international businesses, we’ve learned how to navigate the challenges of international expansion and enjoy the rewards of seeing the business take on a larger life.

Accessing Talent

People are central to the success and long term health of your business — as well as to our whole approach.

We support your management team with access to some of the best talent available. Whether it’s senior management or functional management, we continually look for ways to identify the best people and invest in their development to ensure the finest team is available to you.

Sustainable growth through partnership

Every business must think beyond improving production and business processes to investing in better serving their customers. It might be by expanding the product offering through acquiring other companies or through investing in R&D. We will help fund that investment with follow-on funding for strategic initiatives or growth through acquisition.

Our experience in generating business excellence includes improving operations and processes, people and performance for the long term growth of productivity and profitability.