We actively consider a range of business situations where our involvement can help to bring about growth and success.

Management Buy-out/Buy-in

Investing in talent and potential

We believe in investing in businesses with exceptional management teams and giving them all the opportunities and support they need to grow their own businesses.

We actively look to provide investment to help management teams buy the business they are currently running or to buy into a new business.

As operators, entrepreneurs and family business owners, we have experienced the challenges of managing and growing a business, and the joys and fears of selling all or part of our businesses.

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Ensuring continuity for your business

Many business owners find themselves faced with the challenge of finding a new home for their business should they wish to retire or diversify their financial interests.

With our family business heritage we are uniquely placed to understand the sensitivities of the situation you may be facing.

As a holding company we are not constrained by any fund restrictions and can pursue long term value strategies with both minority and majority equity positions. Also, due to our deep sector and operational experience, and our CEO-in-Training programme, we are able to quickly identify the next leader for the business.

Growth Capital

Providing the financial assistance to grow your business

Our aim with every partnership is to help exceptional entrepreneurs achieve their potential and build their businesses into global market leaders.

As a minority investor, we provide a partnership where you and your people can thrive, unexposed to outside judgement or unnecessary interruption from us.

As operators, entrepreneurs and family business members ourselves, we have experienced many of the challenges of managing and growing a business. We bring experience of growing companies and a global network we can leverage to help grow your business.

Beyond direct business investment we can also provide additional capital to help you expand capacity or to grow through acquisitions.

Corporate Spin-off

Giving birth to new businesses

Carving out a business from another organisation and subsequently establishing an independent management and shareholding structure is a complex process.

Leading the successful corporate spin-off and launch of new independent businesses is familiar territory for Eisvogel’s team.

We commit to giving you detailed feedback within 24 hours.

To find out more about investment opportunities please contact your nearest office.