Sustainable Growth Through Partnership

We help growing businesses build world class operations and to become global market leaders.

Eisvogel Group AG is a private holding company investing in growing businesses.

As growth and operational investors, we are able to leverage our extensive experience, our global network, our family business heritage, and a willingness for long term ownership to help you accelerate the growth of your company.

About Us

For founders and business owners

As a Holding Company we have a unique approach informed by years of experience.

As operators, entrepreneurs and family business owners, we have experienced the challenges of managing and growing a business, and the joys and fears of selling all or part of our businesses.

We seek to partner with entrepreneurial management teams, either in minority or majority positions, who are looking to grow their businesses into market leaders. Due to our family business heritage, we also make the perfect owner to take a family owned business through succession to its next stage of growth whilst putting people first and maintaining the heritage and culture.

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For Intermediaries

We focus our investments in carefully selected businesses that meet our criteria.

We consider a diverse range of businesses where our involvement can help to bring about growth and success.

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For future Leaders

We believe that great businesses are built by exceptional people with shared values and ownership.

We are always looking for talented individuals with the potential to be future leaders. We particularly value people with a proven ability of overcoming obstacles, and who recognise that results come from partnership and teamwork.

Discover opportunities for career development with Eisvogel.

Our team includes commercial, operational and technology leaders with a great depth of knowledge and experience to share.