Coming from a family business background, our belief in sustainability and people first is at the centre of all we do.

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  • Our approach to every engagement is based on partnership, on the importance of people to the success of the business, and prioritising the long term sustainability of that success over short term gains.
  • As entrepreneurs, investing our own capital, we are perfect partners for owners looking to grow their businesses, or for management teams who want to become owners of their businesses.
  • We have all the resources and the experience to support you, but none of the constraints of private equity funds. As operators, entrepreneurs and family business owners, we have experienced the challenges of managing and growing a business, and have shared the stress created by a succession event or a sale of the business.

Putting people and sustainability at the centre

Realising your vision matters to us…

As an industrial holding company we can invest to match your needs and those of your business, whether a majority buy-out or a minority growth investment. As an active investor we are keen to support all the needs of the business and willing to invest our time to deliver strategic growth, operational excellence, and market leadership.

With us, you will have the opportunity to realise your vision for the company, whilst ensuring your legacy and the long term sustainability of the business.

Values matter even more

Our long term, sustainability first approach means your business, and its management and employees, can grow and thrive. We believe in the power of people and in looking after people, we believe in continuous improvements for ourselves and the businesses we partner with, and we believe in sustainability first – for people, business, and planet.

We believe in openness and honesty as the foundation of our partnership with you. We are committed to being an excellent partner and strive to give you all the support you need, as well as fast and honest feedback on new opportunities.

Having run our own businesses, we understand the stresses and the joys of business ownership, and having experienced our own succession based exit, we are sensitive to the issues and pressures owner-managers and families face when considering their options.

We believe that our family business background and people focused culture gives you the confidence that your business, its people and your legacy are in the best hands.