Investing in people, supporting growth, creating market leaders.

  • Eisvogel Group AG

    Eisvogel Group AG is a private industrial holding company investing in growing businesses.
  • Specialists

    We specialise in growing companies providing solutions, software and services for Industry 4.0, Silver Economy and Healthy Living, based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the UK.
  • Sustainability

    We offer a distinctive approach based on sustainable growth and putting people first.
  • Family heritage

    Our operational and family business background, and our success in growing businesses, provide the experience and the insight to help you build the European champion of tomorrow.

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Sector Focus


Our partnership approach aligns stakeholders to achieve the full potential of people and business

Sustainable Growth

World Class Operations

We help the businesses we partner with to build world class operations and to grow into global market leaders.

Sustainable Success

As growth and operational investors, we are able to leverage our experience, our global network, our family business heritage, and a capacity for long term ownership to create sustainable success.

Perfect Partnership

It makes us the perfect partner to help you accelerate growth, to make your business more efficient, more agile, more sustainable, and renew its purpose.

We believe in generating growth that is sustainable for the business, for the people and for the planet.

Find how we are helping one Mittelstand business solve succession and drive sustainable growth.

As operators, entrepreneurs and family business owners, we have experienced the challenges of managing and growing a business, and the joys and fears of selling all or part of it. We believe that our family business background and people focused culture gives you the confidence that your business, its people and your legacy are in the best hands.

We partner with entrepreneurial management teams, either in minority or majority positions, to help you grow your business into a market leader. With our family business heritage, we also make the perfect fit to take a family owned business through succession to its next stage of growth, whilst putting people first and maintaining the heritage and culture.

Businesses are built on the shoulders of the amazing people who work in them

As a values-based business ourselves, we are passionate about building businesses and in developing and rewarding the efforts of the people on whom they rely for their success.

We believe our people-first approach provides the platform for long term growth and business sustainability. Global market leaders are built on trust, openness and honesty, on recognising talent and contribution, and on everyone continuously seeking improvements — as people and as a business.

For more details about the values that underpin our business and our investment decisions, please read our ESG policy.

We are always looking for opportunities that meet our investment criteria



Enterprise Value



  • Industrials
  • Software
  • Services
  • Healthcare
  • Healthy living


  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom & Ireland

Transaction Types

  • 100% buyout
  • Minority growth
  • Corporate carve out
  • Leadership succession