Partnership Capital

Eisvogel focuses on portfolio investments that are true partnerships, and we make available all of our firm’s resources, wherever appropriate, to support company management teams. Through focuses exclusively on the industrial sector, we are able to offer tactical insights and strategic alternatives to our management partners, make valuable contributions as board members and assist in the growth and success of our portfolio companies.

What does Eisvogel bring to the partnership? First, as an industrial holding company, we bring significant investment flexibility that allows us to invest in all parts of a company’s capital structure. Second, we bring an extended network of relationships with numerous stakeholders in the industrial sector allowing us to add meaningful value to our operating partners. Third, we bring more than a century of collective experience in supporting the growth of companies in our industry sectors. This results in timely, well-reasoned and consistent interaction throughout the life of an investment. We are often asked to help execute follow-on acquisitions and divestitures, introduce key management talent, and facilitate collaborative relationships with new customers and strategic partners.

Eisvogel conducts every partnership in a spirit of teamwork, open and straight-forward communication, and honest collaboration to capture value for all stakeholders. Our most valuable asset is our reputation. Accordingly, our philosophy is to consistently deliver all that we promise or more, never less. We are committed to being fair and reliable partners.