Management Buy-out / Buy-in

We support management teams in acquiring their own company in a management buy-out or buy-in.


Many owners of small and mid-sized companies are faced with the issue of finding a new owner for their business should they wish to retire or diversify their financial interests. Due to our “Mittelstand” family business heritage we are uniquely placed to understand the sensitivities of these situations. Also as a holding company we are not constrained by any fund restrictions and can pursue long term value strategies with both minority and majority equity positions.

Growth capital

We aim to realise the growth potential of the companies we invest in. Expanding the distribution and sales network, developing new geographies, or acquiring a competitor are strategic options we are familiar with and which we support with capital, know-how and our network of contacts.

Corporate spin-off

Carving out a business from another organisation and the subsequent establishment of its own management and control structure is a complex process, with which we have familiarity.


Many companies work under an inadequate capital structure hampering value creation and stifling growth. Injecting additional equity capital can help unlock market opportunities. At Eisvogel, we are not focused on financial engineering, but instead focused on long term strategies to drive growth and profitability.

Take Private or Private Investment in a Public Entity

Many listed companies are simply too small to receive sufficient coverage by analysts and interest from institutional investors. Being publicly listed, on the other hand, is costly and time consuming for management. We can help take the company private to develop and grow the business outside public scrutiny and without the short-term focus on quarterly earnings. We also consider taking a minority position in a public company.